My thoughts…

Thinking on the story of Moses, where he is pleading with pharaoh to let His people go so they can worship Yahweh.

How pharaoh denied Moses over and over even thru the 10 plagues up to the Passover when the Israelites painted the door post with lambs blood so the Angel of Death would passover that house. It wasn’t until the firstborn was killed, of the home that didn’t apply the blood to the door post, and pharaoh’s son died that he allowed the Israelites to go worship thier G-D

Thinking how hard-headed and ignorant pharaoh was because he felt he was right in his mind’s eye even after the Supernatural plagues appeared and happened after the warning of them happening!

I remember being lead into truth not on someone’s else trip, but on my own Truth Seeking Trip! I was in perilous times, which I may revel at a later time, when I picked up the Scriptures and asked for guidance thru His Spirit. I got into the story of Joseph and all the terrible happenings that was put on him for evil but Yahweh had a plan of good unknown to him!

Then I got into the 10 Commandments Yahweh gave to the Israelites to follow for His blessings! Reading and understanding the Commandments of Yahweh, confusion came to me about the 4th Commandments. The one that starts with the word Remember! As the light of this Commandment touched me I was on fire, the next day I went to work wrote a letter telling the owners that I wasn’t going to be able to work on the Sabbath! For 12 years I was blessed at that job. Things started to change when a family member joined the business and felt my request were unreasonable. One thing lead to another and after a while I parted ways with them. I was unemployed about 3-4 months and home life was going down the drain with no relief in sight from anywhere or anyone, mortgage was a good 2-3 mts behind (as with many living pay check to pay check) had to get food from local charities ask different organisations for help on items like water,electric. It was getting rough!

In prayer I was talking to Yahweh “whats up?” I was lead to Scripture that revealed to me to provide for the family any way I could in a truthful honest way! He had my back!  I took a job cooking grave yard shift which would allow me to still maintain my Sabbath DAY beliefs! 18 mts went on with this employment, but like with any worldly company they take advantage of good. natured, honest, hard-working ppl. For 18 mts never saw a raise or any kind or thanks for the job well done! Started looking for employment and wound up at the Sandcastle. It started out as a Supernatural blessing, didn’t think places existed like this any more, the harmony among the employees and department heads was unreal! I let it be known how thankful I was for the opportunity they gave me to work there. Her reply was “No, no they was grateful I was there as I was like a breath of fresh air” that made me feel great! In 4 mts I was awarded the employee of the month and giving a token of appreciation of a plaque, lapel pin, and a cash bonus! I really understood how they were able to keep employees, some there it was their only job for 40 years! Then the big corporation came in and brought the property! Over nite it seemed like it went from heaven to hell! That will be a future blog…. Regardless over 1 1/2 years I’ve been pleading with management to allow me to worship on the Sabbath. Being reminded of my position as Sous and I needed to be there, regardless of how many pagan employees they have who don’t follow Scriptures as I do, and are capable to handle the work load for the day!

Today,Tues, Aug 28 2018 the restaurant at the Sandcastle sold 0 (zero) breakfasts! The cook told me of 30 years of service that has NEVER happened before! The only meal prepared today was the employee meal I prepared for the employees, which they all enjoyed! As I always ask if it was delicious!☺

I will end here and continue at a later time! All I’m asking is if you want to know about our Creator, please seek Him out

Its all about G-d and the Messiah!


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