Reflections of my Spiritual Testimony

Looking back thru time to now, how I got to where I AM today on my Spiritual Journey. Being the Sabbath and going thru some life changes, probably is whats giving me the inspiration to write this.

Brought up in the Catholic Religion, baptized as a baby not by my choice but by the choice of my parents (God bless their loving, kind, charitable souls) believing as I’m sure they were taught or raised that way too thru the generations. Having a catitisem taught to me as early as second grade, and going thru the Communion and Conformation rituals. Having to go to church on Sunday morning while at times the adults stayed home. After a while I had lost interest in the Catholic religion, but knowing about Jesus & God the mystical Gods we went to in prayer in times of trouble. These are the early seeds planted in me. I would still attend the Catholic Church, but only on special occasions like Christmas & Easter to please my Mother.

At the age of 23, about 2 years after dad passed, not having any interest in religion just living life as I felt fit, I eventually got in trouble with the law, never been arrested before or any major trouble. Was charged and appointed a public defender. Our first meeting really got my attention, told me I was looking at 45 years! That impression is as clear today in my mind as the day he told me. I was scared! Got back to the cell block with about 12-16 other inmates feeling totally alone. My mind was racing all over, did I ever mess up. They had some reading material for the inmates, I spotted a Good News New Testament Bible. I claimed that book as mine! In the next 6 weeks before they even gave me a bail I must have read that book thru easily 12 times! It was the only thing I had to keep my mind off my worries. There was 1 inmate in that cell block, David, I remember him well too. He gave me fellowship on his experiences, thankful for that, but he was a druggie and wonder about his fellowship.

After receiving bail and out in the world again I kept the jail house religion and started visiting different denominations all of which seemed fake or strange to me from what I have read in the Good News Testament. I keep reading and praying, belive the statement ” there are no atheist in a sinking ship!” The time came for my Court Appearance, my Public Defender, Jim Slater God bless his soul too!,worked a deal with the prosecutor. If I plead Guilty avoided a lengthy trail, I would recive 5 years probation, stipulation with 1 year work release. After looking at 45 years I accepted the deal!

In work release there was a prison ministry run by a Man of God named Jim Russo. Every Sunday evening he would take about 12 inmates out to visit a different Church organizations, Hoping for the inmates to find a home church to keep on the narrow path upon release. All the church’s we visited I felt uncomfortable with, I learned more about God from Jim.

After release from the work camp,  I got a job at an aluminum company in the shop as a cut out man for building screen enclosures. My leader Jim was a Christian which was good for me as he keep an eye out for me! I worked there about 12 years till they shut down as the old man, Jim’s father wanted to retire being one of Sarasota’s pioneers in the aluminum industry. I still searched for a home church but found none that interested me and slowly faded away from the Word! Interesting how the world will distract you!

Time rolls on went back into the food service industry, always seemed to find work in that industry. Till the company I was working at closed their doors as the company wanted to get into real estate. Found a job at a candy shop making all kinds of confections. Unbeknown to me or the manager there when I placed the application there, as he thought it may be my son applying for the position. It was Jim from the Aluminum company who was managing the store, he hired me on the spot! He said he knew my work ethic and saw no problem me fitting in! I got to work with him for about 1 year before the store owner sold the business because of family situations. New owners came in and Jim was let go. I remained another 11 years give or take a few months.

It was during my time at the candy shop that I went thru some very turbulent personal family issues. As I was sleeping deeply one nite I was awoken to the calling out of my name in a very authoritative voice! I remember waking up but not giving any attention and fell back into a deep sleep again. Then I heard the authoritative voice again but louder! When I awoke I was already sitting at the edge of the bed in an upright position with my feet on the floor, as I looked around in amazement there where these little translucent spheres all over the room running rampant in chaos everywhere then a translucent figure of what seemed to be a man appeared and all the spheres came to order moving in unison to the movement of my eyes as the figure remained still. After a few moments of this it all faded away with the impression in my head/heart/soul to PRAY! For days this impression remained in me. Not being in the Word for a while I asked myself How, Why, What to pray about. But the impression remained. Got to watching tv checking thru the channels and there was this pastor on there Doug Bachelor from the Seventh Day Adventist talking about the 4th Commandment the Sabbath!

That’s when the urge to pray stoped and the urge to search began! I jumped head first into the teachings the Adventist had to offer visited both local churches befriended many in the congregations both at the “Black” church, which was my first in counter, and the “White” church. Which I don’t understand what the separation between the two are as they both preach the same theology. But in my time there something was still missing, they followed the commandments but that was it! There is more in the Word for me to find out!

I kept searching and found the Church of God International. There were good teachings there too, that’s where I learned about keeping the appointed Feast Day of YHVH. But there was still something missing for me.

Then I started internet search, that took me all over every where! After reading the WORD now for a while, I felt that experience I had when I was sleeping was similar to Ezekiel’s vision and i typed that into the browser and found Wildbranch Ministry with Brad Scott. Who’s teachings was what I found very satisfying, He explained Torah, finding the end from the beginning, the Hebrew Language( Agro-bi-linguest, thinking that’s how its spelt) True Names… An excellent site for learning, Now I still search as no one knows it all but I want to learn it all. Now I just narrow my search to Messianic teachings, Gentile Messianic teachings! As I am a Gentile but grafted in! As YHVH WORD tells me!

We’re all giving salvation but it’s up to us what we do with it, got to work it for yourself! Yahshua did his part it’s up to us to do our part, He isn’t going to do it for you!

It’s all about YHVH & YAHSHUA!



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